Exclusive Gen Z Focused Content

Vibe will produce reality shows specifically designed for the Gen Z audience, such as Formula Frenzy and Web3 Titans, providing unique content that resonates with their interests and behaviors.

Vibe Exclusive

To cater to the preferences of Gen Z, Vibe is set to produce and air its own reality shows, such as the "Formula Frenzy" series and the "Web3 Titans" show. These innovative productions will leverage Vibe's platform features, enhancing fan engagement, gamification, and monetization through interactive features, allowing viewers to engage with the shows in new and exciting ways.

Global Distribution

We will be able to get these shows distributed to at least 125 Million households worldwide. We're confident as we progress, we can hit 200M - 300M households over even more.

Our Goal: A New Entertainment Format

Our goal is to showcase a brand new way shows need to be produced. No longer just focused on a 40-min episode but we will innovate the format to provide a unique and immersive experience for sports and gaming enthusiasts, especially for the Gen Z profile. We believe that this innovative series will create a new level of engagement for our audience, and we are committed to delivering an unforgettable experience. Vibe's app will play a critical role in this.

Go-To-Market Playbook. Our Secret Sauce

We have a powerful formula for gaining users for each of our shows and will share more during a call.

Proven Formula in the Industry

  • Netflix's investment in original content - over 200M subscribers worldwide

  • HBO's exclusive content (e.g. Game of Thrones) - premium entertainment provider

By focusing on exclusive content, strategic partnerships, and capitalizing on industry growth, Vibe fosters a thriving community of passionate supporters, making it a compelling investment opportunity in the entertainment sector.

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