11.2 Two-Year Product Milestones

Yr 1: Research, partnerships, prototype, MVP, user acquisition, onboard shows, subscriptions, live-streams, fantasy game. Yr 2: Generative A.I., NFTs, ads, expansion, new verticals, optimization.

Year 1 (2023)


  • Complete market research and competitor analysis

  • Finalize strategic partnerships with TV shows and content creators

  • Develop app prototype (MVP ready): watch & upload videos, comments, voting, and prediction game. Admin panel.


  • Gamification upgrade

  • Profile pages (shows, cast, auditioners)

  • Get app on to the app stores

  • Run the first global campaign for Formula Frenzy (2-3 month auditioning process to gamers worldwide)

  • Gamers must download Vibe app to post their gaming videos and community must vote who makes it to the final 100.


  • Community chat and membership programs

  • Livestream shopping

  • Leaderboards

  • Implement in-app referral program


  • More micro-transactions for cast interactions and engagements

  • Personalized A.I. Cast Video Scenes

Year 2 (2024)


  • Introduce advertising options, including display ads, sponsored content, and branded partnerships

  • Enhance targeting capabilities by leveraging on-chain and off-chain data

  • Expand licensing, sponsorships, and franchising opportunities


  • Publish new shows based on the SIM SURVIVOR format.


  • Continue optimizing app features and user experience

  • Increase market penetration and user base


  • Expand international presence through localized versions of TV shows and content

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