11.1 Five-Year Growth and Investor Exit Plan

Vibe is committed to delivering value to its shareholders through a strategic 5-year growth plan. Our goal is to lead the next wave of disruption in the entertainment space.

Year 1: Building the Foundation (2023)

  • Develop a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich app

  • Establish strategic partnerships with TV shows and their official suppliers

  • Launch targeted user acquisition campaigns and grow our user base

  • Generate revenue through advertising, live-streamed social shopping, and subscription plans

  • Test launch of our Generative A.I. Fan Experience (Q4)

Year 2: Expanding Our Reach and Launch Generative A.I. and TGE (2024)

  • Introduce new features, such as in-app currency and virtual goods

  • Implement generative A.I. for user-generated artwork and collectibles, allowing users to create NFTs and collaborate with Vibe's official collectibles partners

  • Monetize relationships with TV shows and their official suppliers through licensing and partnerships

  • Explore franchising opportunities to create localized versions and new verticals for different sports

  • Continue to grow our user base and revenue streams

  • Token Generation Event (TGE) likely to be in Q1 of 2024

Year 3: Maximizing Potential and Option for Partial Investor Exit II (2025)

  • Achieve significant growth in both users and revenue

  • Optimize revenue streams, such as advertising, subscription plans, and in-app currency

  • Expand our partnerships and leverage our format IP to reach untapped markets

  • Invest in marketing and technology to enhance user experience and drive further growth

  • Offer a 3-year partial exit option for investors

Year 4: Establishing Market Leadership (2026)

  • Position Vibe as a leader in the entertainment companion app market

  • Innovate and explore new ways to monetize our platform, such as offering exclusive content through a pay-per-view model

  • Expand into new, untapped markets

  • Focus on achieving profitability and delivering value to shareholders

Year 5: Investor Exit Opportunities (2027)

  • Acquisition: Attract interest from larger media or tech companies looking to expand their portfolio of entertainment offerings or complement their existing services. Likely companies that may be interested in acquiring Vibe could include: *

    1. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, or HBO Max, as Vibe's content and user base, can complement their existing offerings and expand into new markets.

    2. Roku: The streaming device manufacturer has been expanding its content offerings through its Roku Channel, and Vibe could be an attractive addition to diversify its content and attract more users.

    3. FuboTV: As a live TV streaming service focused on sports content, FuboTV might be interested in Vibe's interactive fan experiences and unique content to enhance its platform and differentiate it from competitors.

    4. Tubi: Acquired by Fox Corporation in 2020, Tubi is an ad-supported streaming service that could benefit from Vibe's content and interactive features to drive user engagement and ad revenue.

    5. Cinedigm: As a digital content distribution company with a focus on streaming channels and independent content, Cinedigm might be interested in Vibe's unique content and fan experiences to expand its portfolio.

    6. Media and entertainment conglomerates like ViacomCBS, Comcast, Canal+, or AT&T, could benefit from Vibe's unique content and interactive fan experiences.

    7. Social media and tech companies such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter, may want to integrate Vibe's interactive features and content into their platforms to enhance user engagement.

    8. Telecommunications companies like Verizon or T-Mobile might want to offer exclusive content and features to their subscribers.

  • Or Merger: Join forces with a strategic partner to create synergies and expand market reach

  • Or Initial Public Offering (IPO): Go public and list Vibe's shares on a stock exchange, allowing investors to sell their shares at a potential profit

The 5-year growth and investor exit plan outlined above is based on assumptions and estimates. Actual results may vary depending on market conditions, competition, and other factors.

* The EBITDA multiplier used for acquisitions in the media and entertainment industry can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the target company's growth potential, profitability, market position, and strategic fit. A typical EBITDA multiplier for companies in this sector could range between 15x to 30x.

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